A comprehensive Stanford University study of the statistical impact of book reviews on books sales concluded: “Regardless of whether the book was written by a new or established author, being positively reviewed significantly increased sales; a positive review generated between a 32% and 52% increase in demand.” Profs. Berger, Sorensen, and Rasmussen, Marketing Science Journal (2010)

The Columbia Review of Books & Film is an online magazine dedicated to publishing informative reviews of a wide variety of books and films. Our team of writers and editors actively review new books and films that attract their attention, as well as assigned to review books and films submitted to the magazine through our Submissions page.

The Columbia Review invites submissions for reviews from authors, agents, publishers, writers, directors, and producers. We review various books, either traditionally published, indie or self-published, including fiction, non-fiction, children, and poetry. We also review films, either studio productions or independent, including feature films, shorts, documentaries and TV.

To optimize our service to our readers and the creative community, we aim to complete the review process within one to two weeks of submission (though some reviews take longer due to subject matter or other scheduling issues). Published reviews may be utilized for all promotional purposes in the global media with credit to “The Columbia Review of Books & Film.”