Humans: The Untold Story of Adam and Eve and their Descendants

Argentinian driver, Federico Villagra jumping during SS06, Capilla del Monte.

The Robber Of Youth – A Novel
By: Keith Julius (Author)

The Robber Of Youth by Keith Julius is simultaneously gut wrenching, heart breaking, shocking, yet u...

books - fiction
June 14, 2017

caveman face pdf

Caveman at the End of the World
By: Brad Rau (Author)

Caveman at the End of the World delivers a superbly original story that moves along with lifelike ac...

books - fiction
June 12, 2017


My Real Hue

By: Daniel Yves Eisner (Author)

"My Real Hue
 by Daniel Yves Eisner will make you laugh and cry, and entice you to reflect on your...

books - non-fiction
June 11, 2017


The Friar
By: Samantha A. Cole (Author)

"An excellent novel, mixing romance and suspense in a highly believable setting. The story moves alo...

books - fiction
June 2, 2017


Payment in Kind
By: Joseph M. Luguya (Author)

"A realistic novel that spans across borders, oceans and continents, yet succeeds in remaining solid...

books - fiction
May 31, 2017


In Black & White – A Novel
By: Catherine Lavender (Author)

"A story of uncovering past sins, shocking truths, and touching kindness, rooted in American’s sti...

books - fiction
April 1, 2017


The Other La Bohème
By: Yorker Keith (Author)

"A superb rendition of the classic adage that life imitates art (and vice versa). The storyline of i...

books - fiction
March 26, 2017