Tiernan’s Wake


Tiernan’s Wake
By: Richard T. Rook (Author)

I found Tiernan’s Wake an amazing historical mystery, guaranteed to keep you compulsively turning ...

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December 23, 2017


When Words Were Mountains
By: Janet R. Altman, M.A. (Author)

In summary I found this story very uplifting and thought the real life experiences of the author fro...

books - fiction
November 30, 2017

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The Backwards K
By: J. J. Hebert (Author)

I found this book very interesting, and think it will be loved not only by sports fans, but also by ...

books - fiction
October 14, 2017


Designer Babies by Catherine G. Carter
By: Catherine G. Carter (Author)

Designer Babies by Catherine G. Carter is a very interesting and absorbing science fiction story tha...

books - fiction
October 4, 2017


Broken Places
By: R. Anthony Martin (Author)

I found Broken Places by R. Anthony Martin extremely thought provoking, brutally honest and utterly ...

books - fiction
September 18, 2017


Ultimate Verdict by Michael Winstead
By: Michael Winstead (Author)

In summary, for lovers of crime novels and courtroom drama, Ultimate Verdict by Michael Winstead del...

books - fiction
July 11, 2017


The Robber Of Youth – A Novel
By: Keith Julius (Author)

The Robber Of Youth by Keith Julius is simultaneously gut wrenching, heart breaking, shocking, yet u...

books - fiction
June 14, 2017

caveman face pdf

Caveman at the End of the World
By: Brad Rau (Author)

Caveman at the End of the World delivers a superbly original story that moves along with lifelike ac...

books - fiction
June 12, 2017


The Friar
By: Samantha A. Cole (Author)

"An excellent novel, mixing romance and suspense in a highly believable setting. The story moves alo...

books - fiction
June 2, 2017