In Black & White – A Novel


In Black & White – A Novel
By: Catherine Lavender (Author)

"A story of uncovering past sins, shocking truths, and touching kindness, rooted in American’s sti...

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April 1, 2017


The Other La Bohème
By: Yorker Keith (Author)

"A superb rendition of the classic adage that life imitates art (and vice versa). The storyline of i...

books - fiction
March 26, 2017


Ice Cold
By: Christopher Spence (Author)

"A compelling novel that paints a vibrant canvas of young adults (and the adults in their lives) con...

books - fiction
March 18, 2017

Tipper Lake Cover for Columbia Review copy

Tipper Lake
By: W.Thomas Geer (Author)

"The story moves along at a fast pace and high suspense, the characters are believable and interesti...

books - fiction
February 17, 2017


Clash of Angels (Book One: The Unseen War)
By: Jeremiah Cross (Author)

"An engaging, thrilling adventure that pits powerful players against each other in realistic yet fan...

books - fiction
February 15, 2017

The Columbia Review copy 3

The Returno to the Inferno
By: Luigi Enrico Pietra D'Oro

"As with his previous books, the author manages to simultaneously induce bursts of uncontrollable la...

books - fiction
November 24, 2016


Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising
By: William Burke (Author)

"With a great lead female protagonist, richly colorful set of secondary characters, plenty of roarin...

books - fiction
October 5, 2016


Remembrance of Blue Roses
By: Yorker Keith (Author)

"A gem of a novel, providing a deep and satisfying journey with flesh-and-blood characters, excellen...

books - fiction
August 2, 2016