Awakening of the Summer
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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Awakening of the Summer is a new novel from award-winning author Yorker Keith, who lives in Manhattan, New York. He holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School and loves literature, theatre, classical music, opera and arts.

When Wall Street economist James takes a summer vacation in the Oberon Woods of New Hampshire, it is to pursue his passion for oil painting. However, his summer turns out very differently when he meets two beautiful sisters: Sophie and her younger sister Kelly. Despite the fact that the sisters have boyfriends, James finds each young woman absolutely fascinating in her own unique way. He loves the intellect of magazine editor Sophie, and on the other hand, finds it impossible to resist the alluring charm of museum secretary Kelly.

James has enjoyed painting a wonderful pastoral landscape of a lake, nestled in greenery, near to the hotel, which has the imposing Mount Washington in the background. As his fascination with the two sisters grows, he decides to paint two more pictures of the same lake setting, one with Sophie in it, and the other with Kelly. The three pictures he names the Summer Lake Series, and when the hotel decides to exhibit them, the sisters are delighted to become overnight celebrities.

This modern day love triangle is not a typical work of romantic fiction; it is a work of art. As the story unfolds, we enter into a web of intrigue as myriad of emotions reveal themselves, and the characters develop. The setting plays a very important part in this story, and the author has used his writing talents well, describing the enthralling scenery of this beautiful part of the world. With twists and turns, mysterious happenings, and dark secrets, the reader is treated to a wonderful summertime adventure.

In Summary: This riveting, triple love-triangle is a work of truly wonderful literary fiction; the author has infused a delightful blend of excitement, passion, and suspense. I couldn’t put it down. Highly Recommended! — Susan Keefe for