Dreams of Troy
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
Susan Keefe reviews novels, poetry and non-fiction books for TheColumbiaReview.com

As soon as you open the first page of this exciting political spy thriller, you find yourself transported into another world. This is not the world most of us live in, the normal 9 to 5, shopping, kids, etc., but a world full of secrets and intrigue, where danger lurks behind every corner – and it pays not to trust anyone!

Californian doctor Jake Evans is taking a well-deserved holiday in Barcelona when an explosion takes place at the main railway station. However, this is only the beginning, as plans are afoot to carry out a unique cyber terrorist attack by international bioterrorist Diana Kontos and her lover Kleïs, an accomplished computer hacker. The two women, fuelled by revenge and a joint common desire for political change, are determined to accomplishing their aim, but will they succeed?

With an important meeting arranged in Spain that attracts delegates from around the world, anti-terrorism officers and MI-5 agent Elizabeth Foster call upon Jake Evans and his friend Christopher Rose, an Oxford microbiologist and technology expert, to discover what the threat is and when it will take place.

As the tension mounts in this fast-paced modern thriller, unrest is boiling under the surface on both sides as double crossing, love trysts, mystery and intrigue add to the excitement and suspense. What will the outcome be politically, personally and emotionally for the participants in this oh so deadly game?

This excellent story brings to mind the writing of authors such as Michael Crichton and Daniel Silva, however this author’s career in medical research (exploration of infectious microbes and the thoughtful treatment of the people they impact) enables him to write from an informed prospective, which adds to the tension in this novel, which is the second in his Terror Trifecta series.

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