Endless Incarnation Sorrows: A Spiritual Odyssey of Mortal Imprints on Earth
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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Lucia Mann, retired journalist, humanitarian and activist, puts her heart and soul into her powerful books, they are a voice to those who have and are still suffering the brutalities of captivity. She was born in British Colonial South Africa and writes from personal experience, bringing vividly to life the horrendous suffering she has undergone, and witnessed happen to others. She is a voice for the unheard, and the oppressed.

This book was inspired by the author’s own experiences after being resuscitated for the third time after her third surgery when she became aware that she was experiencing regression deep into the past. She discovered that the stories of the lives of those of her bloodline who came before her were being told to her, and as the flashbacks became more vivid Lucia decided this was a story which had to be told, and so she put pen to paper…

Reincarnation is believed possible in many religions, as is the belief that the sins of the father (or mother) can be passed on to the son (or daughter.) This story begins when Lucia takes us back to the Judean desert in 609 BCE and a band of Hebrew women travelers, pregnant Rebekah, her mother Tikva, and their two paternal cousins Abriyah and Yokova. The women are fleeing their tribe. Why, because Rebekah has committed a terrible sin against Yahweh (God), a sin so horrendous that the penalty, should they remain would have been her death.

Tikva has decided that it is better to chance a nomadic life in the desert than witness the death by stoning of her beloved daughter. However, sometimes the burden of consequences of an action can be just too hard to bear, and when Rebekah gives birth to her daughter Lala the child has yellow eyes like a goat, strange skin and hair colors, disability, and a birthmark. She has been cursed by Yahweh, because of the sins of her parents, and unable to live with the knowledge and bear the shame Rebekah commits suicide. Lala, is brought up by her adoring grandmother, believing she is her daughter until the hand of fate step in and begin a chain of events which will change her life forever.

Thus the curse began and is destined to continue as we discover in this spellbinding story as the author takes her readers on a journey which crosses continents and spans generations. Through the lives of these women, the descendants of Rebekah bas Sora we learn how cheap life can be, how fickle human nature can alter lives and change fortunes inconceivably, the horrors of child prostitution, slavery, and the ravages of war. Through the centuries we travel the globe to such places as Africa, Egypt, the court of Pharaoh Cleopatra, the Spanish Inquisition to Britain, Norway, and the concentration camps of WWII. With each new birth, and lifetime, we learn something new, and amongst the horrors come to realize also that human nature has a deep-seated instinct for survival, and that there are good people in this world too.

In Summary: Can we be reincarnated? Are the sins, transgressions, and traits of those who came before us in our genes, our very existence? And also, can love span the centuries and will soul mates eventually be reunited in another time and place? So many questions, will you discover the answers in this compelling story like I did? Extremely Highly Recommended – Susan Keefe TheColumbiaReview.Com

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Lucia Mann is also the founder of The Modern Day Slavery Reporting Center at www.mdsrc.org