Deborah Slaying (Book of Deborah 3)

Deborah Slaying (Book of Deborah 3)
By: Avraham Azrieli

I highly recommend this series to lovers of biblical stories and historical fiction....

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February 16, 2021

By: Jose R. Olivares

If you love reading totally absorbing suspense thrillers, with exciting characters, and many layers,...

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February 9, 2021


This is such a clever story, not only will it keep its readers on the edge of their seats from the v...

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January 13, 2021

Pieces of Wood
By: Kenneth James Moore

I thank God that there are people like the author, people who are brave enough to speak for those wh...

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December 11, 2020

What Empty Things Are These
By: J. L. Crozier

Beautifully written, wonderfully detailed and entertaining, I highly recommend this outstanding stor...

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November 24, 2020

The Long Game
By: Ian Conner

If you want to read a story which will pull you in from the first page, packed with excitement and i...

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September 18, 2020