In the Shadow of Gold: A Tale of the Lost Confederate Treasure

What Empty Things Are These
By: J. L. Crozier

Beautifully written, wonderfully detailed and entertaining, I highly recommend this outstanding stor...

books - fiction
November 24, 2020

The Long Game
By: Ian Conner

If you want to read a story which will pull you in from the first page, packed with excitement and i...

books - fiction
September 18, 2020

The Elixirist: A Novel
By: Avraham Azrieli

Throughout the story, the characters each have their own vital part and weave their way through his ...

books - fiction
September 17, 2020

By: Lang Fafa Dampha

This book is openly and skilfully written, and gives the readers an unbiased opportunity to understa...

books - fiction
September 13, 2020

A Reason to Be: A Novel
By: Norman McCombs

At the beginning of this incredible story there was heartrending sorrow, and then slowly the pages l...

books - fiction
September 1, 2020

By: Lang Fafa Dampha

This fascinating story gives its readers a true look into the lives of Gambian immigrants to Europe,...

books - fiction
August 24, 2020