Imbwa, The Story of the Dog and His Harsh Master
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
Susan Keefe reviews and promotes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and is also author of the Toby's Tails series of children's books.

An enchanting children’s story conveying an important message.

As a dog loving family, I was immediately drawn to this story after reading ‘Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys’ by the same author. The incredible way this award-winning author conveys important life-lessons through short, beautifully illustrated stories, really keeps the attention of my two young granddaughters, and we all know that this is the way children learn.

This story contains a message which is very important to children. It is about two dogs, Imbwa the Rottweiler, and Galu the Great Dane. The two dogs are different breeds, but this doesn’t matter because the message in this story isn’t about them, it is general, transcending species. It is one of behaviour, of the way you should treat others, and how acting with kindness versus cruelty affects lives.

Imbwa, and Galu live next door to each other, and when they go to the park they meet. Galu is a happy dog, however Imbwa is always angry. Because they are friends they talk together and through their conversation, the child, or adult reader of the story to the child, discovers why the dogs are so different in temperament. They learn that the way the owners teach their dog right from wrong is the key, and that this in turn affects how the dogs understand things, and learn.

Through wonderful illustrations and based on the Bemba Proverb from Zambia, this beautiful heart-warming tale, sends a strong message for children, and adults alike. Highly recommended.

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