The Medium of Desire
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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In Richmond, Virginia, bohemian artist Brett Bale is painting a portrait on commission, something he hates; he is an artiste and wants the freedom to express himself as he wishes.

In New York, successful career girl Olivia Martin has just pulled an all-nighter preparing a Power Point presentation for her groundbreaking algorithm, which she has designed after months of work. Now tried and tested, she is sure it will be the stepping stone she needs up the corporate ladder of McCann & Co.

Two very different people, from different walks of life, each totally absorbed in their work and career, and yet destined to meet.

Some would say the meeting was fateful, others would argue it was just chance, who can tell? However, when Brett sets eyes on the unworldly gorgeous blonde Olivia, he discovers that, despite his former reservations about giving painting lessons, for her he will make an exception.

As their friendship develops into love, we watch the intricacies of love and romance weave their magic through the two lives. But as the saying goes, the path of true love doesn’t always run smoothly, and the simplest gesture, misinterpreted, can lead to failure. Brett loves his freedom and encourages his friends to seize the moment. Olivia’s friend tells her to live her life, her mother suggests caution. What will the future hold for them?

The answers lie in this enthralling new release from Alex McGlothlin.

In Summary: This unique work of literary fiction gives the reader a wonderful glimpse behind the scenes of the art world, and asks the age old question – can love conquer all else? Highly Recommended! — Susan Keefe for