The Mummy (2017)
Reviewed By: Avraham Azrieli
Avraham Azrieli's most recent novel is "Deborah Rising" (HarperColllins 2016), the story of the first woman to lead a nation in history.

The Mummy (2017) is yet another variation on similarly mummy-themed prequel movies, but with fresh faces, current technological gadgetry, and wonderful action sequences that never stop. The basic story involves a an ancient princess who was mummified alive for killing her father, his wife and the baby boy who stole daddy’s love and the princess’s heirship to the throne. With a mix of ancient rights, current middle eastern violence, grave robbing, and ‘serious’ archeological expertise/evil-busiting operations, the princess rises from her crypt and attempts a revival of deathly powers. Tom Cruise yet again manages to make us forget who he really is and believe we’re watching a good-looking thief with a kind heart and excellent fighting skills, who wins both the evil-princess heart as well as the good-princess heart–oh, the choices some man have to make! And considering how old he really is, Cruise looks, moves, and hits like a youthful top gun. LA Fitness should have sales reps waiting at movie-theater exits to sign up every envious male 50-and-up for an annual gym membership.Russell Crowe is wonderful as evil-fighting Dr. Henry Jekyll, and excellent performances are delivered by Annabelle Wallis (as Jenny Halsey), Sofia Boutella (as Princess Ahmanet), Jake Johnson (as fellow thief and sidekick Chris Vail) and Courtney B. Vance (as Colonel Greenway). In summary, an entertaining movie that strikes a healthy balance between action, terror, humor, and good old romance, all culminating in the greatest dilemma of all: good of evil? It delivers exactly the kind of great fun you’d expect when in the mood for another scary Mummy. Enjoy!