A New Vision
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In our 2015 review of the first edition of “A New Vision: The Mystery of the Gospel Revealed” by Moriah Morningstar, we wrote that it is “indeed a new vision for those willing to explore not only theological dogma, but also consider the powers that drive the world we live in and the forces that motivate human endeavor. … A New Vision is not a book for the fainthearted religious adherent, be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other, who wishes to remain cocooned in the safety of unquestioning mental comfort. As the author clearly states at the outset: “Jehovah (Lord of Israel) is a demon; he spoke evil, planned evil, and sent forth evil angels. He deceived and killed his own people, and destroyed the Canaanites. Jehovah ordered his servants to murder, rape, torture and enslave others, kill babies, plunder, and kill their own children.” We found that the book “addresses issues in detail, dedicating discussions for each of the leading faiths currently popular, starting with Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostals, Evangelical, Mormons, Baptists, Aryans, Jews and Arabs, etc. There is also an extensive analysis and critiques of various other works in the theological, political, and historic realms.”

This Revised Edition (July 2018) provides analysis and discussion of many political aspects. The author writes: “The center of Jehovah’s satanic web is inside the US government. This is why Native Americans were exterminated and Black people were enslaved. It’s why the USA secretly helped spread communism, supported Hitler, built secret bases on the moon and mars (chapter 16), murdered President Kennedy (chapter 7), planned 9-11 (chapter 8) and passed thousands of laws that remove human rights. It’s why we are being mind-brain controlled, and poisoned (message 17).”

As with the parts of the book centering on religious discussions and revelations, the author’s unconventional (yet thorough) political thoughts, ideas and theories (as summarized above) are not for the fainthearted reader. Some readers might label some of it as ‘conspiracy theories.’ Yet, for a willing, non-judgmental and open-minded reader, there is much to be intrigued by here. The author has clearly dedicated a great deal of study, contemplation, and creativity. A New Vision credibly establishes a consistent thread of motives and plans, actions and goals, as well as causes and effects that are all hidden from public view behind the intricate tapestry of real, known historical events spanning centuries of human existence. Whether one agrees with the author, or not, the book presents a consistent, comprehensive, and chronological theological philosophy that is no less probable—or less provable—than any of the currently prevailing popular religions.

While some thinkers view human history—both personal and national—as a series of statistically plausible coincidences (see, for example, The Improbability Principle – Why Coincidences, Miracles, and Rare Events Happen Every Day, David J. Hand, Scientific American/Farrar Straus Giroux, 2014), most believers in divine powers over the universe and supreme interventions in human affairs take the opposite approach, seeking to concretize the details of human history as the coherent elements of a preordained divine plan and a mighty struggle between good and evil.

A New Vision tackles this perpetual human endeavor with gusto and offers a system that’s undoubtedly unsettling, yet fresh and original—and highly comprehensive, at that—as an alternative to the more traditional mainstream religions. As with the first edition of A New Vision, the revised edition takes the determined reader, who’s willing to make a cerebral effort with stamina and resilience, on a fascinating (or fantastical) intellectual-spiritual journey that encompasses nothing short of a truly new vision of the world, the forces driving it, the events unfolding around it, and the fate awaiting it.

In summary, the Revised Edition July 2018 of “A New Vision: The Mystery of the Gospel Revealed” by Moriah Morningstar makes a substantial addition to an already ambitious work of theological, political, and philosophical dimensions; it is comprehensive, intriguing, and courageous in its stark departure from conventional thought. Highly recommended! –– TheColumbiaReview.com

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