Operation Ugly Truth: A Nurse's Firsthand account of the NYC Pandemic 2020
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
Susan Keefe reviews and promotes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and is also author of the Toby's Tails series of children's books.

Sometimes you come across a book which you feel everyone in the world should read, I feel this is one of them. This book is the author’s story, in which she gives a no-holes-barred account of life as a frontline nurse during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Late in 2019, the world was hearing rumours that in Wuhan, which is the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, there was a highly infectious disease Covid 19, which was spreading alarmingly. No-one took much notice, the world assumed it would soon be under control. How wrong we all were…

In March 2020. One infected person arrived in America, and from that moment no-one was safe. New York once a teeming metropolis became a ghost town. Actions were taken, policies announced, but it was too late. From that just one case, New York had in April more coronavirus cases than China, Iran and the UK, which were at the time the worst affected.

It was then that the brave nurses and other healthcare workers were called upon to help their co-workers. The need was desperate for nurses to care for the infected people, both in hospitals, and also in various makeshift buildings commandeered to hold the incredibly numbers of people desperately ill.

These brave nurses left their homes and loved ones, and travelled wherever their expertise was needed. Selflessly they helped others, knowing that by doing so they would be condemned to isolation, unable to see their friends and families for fear of spreading the infection to them. In this compelling story we discover what it is really like being a frontline nurse helping Covid 19 patients, and the price they have had to, and are still paying…

In this book there are tales of experiences with wonderful people, and examples of the compassionate care given by the nurses, laying testament to the phrase that nursing “is a vocation not a job.” So many times we are given examples of the selflessness of these wonderful individuals. However, some of the contents of this book will shock you. The author exposes acts of racism, unfair working practices, and of sadly, being ostracised by the communities in which they nursed. We discover the incredible mental and physical toll paid by the nurses, the long hours, lack of breaks, loneliness, depression and suicides. All these things are happening to people who are putting their own life on the line every moment of every day for us, and our love ones.

The author makes a plea to her readers, don’t flout the rules which have been made to keep people as safe as possible from this terrible pandemic. Wear a mask, stay at home, and if you can’t social distance, wash your hands frequently.  By doing these things, not only are you keeping yourself safe, but also your loved ones. As the author says “Spread The Word: Become A Covid-19 Ambassador And Be Your Brother’s Keeper.”

Patrice Foster was born in Jamaica, and despite being abandoned by her mother, and a hard childhood she graduated and became a RN in 1998. Since then she has been a successful business owner, and is the author of many books. She continues to work as a nurse, and follows her own path to healing and self-discovery.

In Summary: This is a story which should be read by all. Everyone, in one way or another, has been, or will be affected by this virus. During our lives each of us will at some time turn to nurses and health professionals to care for us. Now is your chance to discover what life is really like for them during this pandemic. Highly recommended! Susan Keefe – TheColumbiaReview.com

Author’s Website: https://patricemfoster.com/

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