The Palm Reader
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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The author of this fast paced suspense thriller, Christopher Bowron, is a successful businessman with a Bachelor of Arts. He has a second residence in southwest Florida, which is the setting for this story, and he brings the Everglades and its people wonderfully to life.

The Palm Reader is the sequel to his #1 Amazon Bestseller, Devil in the Grass, in which Jackson (Jack) Walker and his Seminole cousins defeated Mason Matye, a high-ranking leader in the American branch of the Church of Satan and his henchmen, the McFadden brothers.

The book opens with a recap when, five years previously, Jackson Walker and Mason Matye were put into a police van together. The ensuing fight only stopped when police officers intervened, however both men knew that it was not over yet.

Five years later, and Jack, having been cleared of all charges, is working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, whereas Mason Matye is in a Louisiana prison.

A member of a close-knit family, Jack loves his Seminole grandfather Nathaniel Portman (Gramps), who lives in the Everglades. Although Gramps is a strong leader and has always spoken to the spirit world, Jack struggles with this side of his heritage and fights the evidence in his dreams—that he, too, can be guided by spirits. His Gramps is concerned for his safety, and so for his sake Jack agrees to take care and stay close. However, when he is contacted by Lolita, a palm reader with a strong spiritual side, who tries to convince him that their lives are inextricably entwined, he finds this a step too far…

After all, in his line of work, danger is inevitable, and for his current assignment he has teamed up with Janie Callaghan to investigate the disappearance of a corrupt client who specialises in taboo pornography. Their investigations lead to Aversions, a men’s club run by unscrupulously vile Russians—Eli and his right hand man Boris. As the plot thickens, Jack and Janie find themselves entering a very dangerous world, rife with cruelty, terror, and crime. Above ground Aversions appears to be a typical men’s club, but they soon discover that things are not as they seem, and beneath the club lie dungeons where porn films are made, and many of the films’ participants never leave.

In the crime world, people can disappear even from impossible places, and can become whoever they want to be. Anything is possible with money – and connections.

So, when the case turns personal and Jack’s family becomes involved, Jack is sure he knows who is to blame. On instinct, ignoring Janie and his inner voice, he forges ahead with a plan, unable or unwilling to see any other option.

In the background, the men of the Church of Satan are planning their revenge. They have not forgotten his participation in their demise, and the death of their henchmen. They are not finished with him yet! As the plot continues to thicken, traps are set, but who will be the eventual victor—good or evil?

In Summary: The Palm Reader is action packed and exciting, with twists and turns, fantastic characters and a truly spellbinding plot—the best book in its genre I have ever read. Highly Recommended! –Susan Keefe for