Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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Heather Liz, the writer of this outstanding poetry is a poet, activist, newly graduated lawyer, wife, and mother of five.

As a mother, the author desperately wants to leave behind a better world for her children, and this she strongly believes can be achieved by being an activist for political and social change.

As the years have passed the role of women has continually changed, indeed it is now believed by many that equal opportunities now exist between the sexes, but do they really?

Women, and their ‘expected’ place in life is the subject of these poems, however this is not flowery light hearted poetry, this is a deep internal search by the author to inspire her readers to profoundly examine her words and look deep within themselves so they can break free from the shackles of ‘expectation’ and truly become liberated.

Below is an extract from just one of the incredibly powerful and thought provoking poems called Places, Places Everyone!

“How can I figure out who I am

When I have to compete with other women for value?

I hate the roaming game we play

Where we line up side-by-side to compare



Possessions, and


It is a busy work

That absorbs the minutes, takes our minds off what we lost.

I want a new world, one where woman is more

Than just a creature who counts her steps.”

These words, for me as a mother and grandmother, sum up perfectly the gift of inner strength and confidence I want to give to my daughter, sister, yes even my mother, and other female family and friends. We as women spend our lives living up to ideals, standards set by others, in magazines, the media, and society, when really we only have to be ourselves, but this goes against our very nature.

As women we are automatically brought up to please our fathers, male figures in our lives, which then extends to our husband and bosses.  I honestly believe that for the most part this is subconscious and not intentional, it is just the way things have traditionally been, and, even those of us who think we live liberated lives probably inadvertently do so at times.

This is the time to think ‘radical’ open your eyes. I can guarantee that the sage words written by this talented woman will make every one of her readers think, internalise and re-evaluate their lives, who they are, and what they intend to do for their future.

In Summary: This motivational, radical and revolutionary collection of poetry will open the eyes of every woman who reads it, and empower them with the ability to change their lives, if they dare… – Highly recommended! Susan Keefe TheColumbiaReview.com

Author’s Website http://www.heather-liz.com/