Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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William Burke is the author of this gripping horror adventure set in the Matabeleland South Province of Zimbabwe, 25 kilometers north of the South African border. Having had an unorthodox childhood in a New Age cult style home, where his evenings were spent watching late-night horror stories, he went into the Air Force, then had a successful career in the film industry. However, he then decided he wanted a change of career, and being no stranger to horror and suspense, he wrote his first book, the critically acclaimed ‘VOODOO CHILD: ZOMBIE UPRISING.’ This new release, ‘SCORPIUS REX,’ was he believes, inspired by his childhood love of the classic horror film ‘Them,’ and if you want an exciting adventure, giant monsters, lots of shooting, and non-stop action, this is the book for you!

The story begins at the African desert location where Zander Kotze is the drilling engineer for Graff Engineering. Already disillusioned with the money-saving attitude of the company and its onsite representative Aaron Momberg, Zander and his team are about to discover that these cost-cutting measures are about to cause horrific consequences beyond their wildest imagination.

A dangerous gas is discovered, then a blow-out occurs and causes an enormous hole, out of which terrifying creatures begin to appear…

Eighteen hours later we find Dave Bank and his security team flying into the area. They are with Ruby Flynn their US Aid Officer on a humanitarian mission. However, their investigations soon lead them to the now-abandoned drilling refinery. There they discover they are trapped, and in a fight for their lives against the most fearsome prehistoric creatures they could ever have imagined.  The question is, can Dave and his security team win the battle against creatures which seem impossible to kill, and what other horrors lie within the void?

In Summary: This story is a real page-turner. Written in a similar style to Matthew Reilly, it has a really exciting storyline, a plot full of surprises, and the characters are incredible.  A wonderful mix between Alien and Indiana Jones, it will appeal to horror adventure readers of all ages. Highly recommended! Susan Keefe – The Columbia Review

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