Snap to Grid: Stones of Bothynus Trilogy, I
Reviewed By: Editorial Board
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“Snap To Grid” by D.K. Reed is the first installment in the “Stones of Bothynus” Trilogy, a young adult fantasy series that combines supernatural romance with the intrigue of mystical realism.

In this series, the reader is drawn into the world of the Greene family, the members of which experience captivating adventures and mysteries that result from their missing Uncle Alistair’s research on three ancient stone artifacts. One of the stones that had been investigated by Uncle Alistair is capable of changing molecules so that they snap to different size scale grids and effectively alter people’s states of existence. These altered states curiously resemble those of ghosts or elves and allow communication with ethereal beings.

In “Snap To Grid,” Book One of this story, the reader learns about the impact of this stone artifact through sixteen-year-old Red (Uncle Alistair’s niece). In order to cope effectively with the challenges that she experiences as a teenager living with ADHD, Red identifies with the legendary warrioress, Red Sonja, who provides a much-needed strong female role model for the girl. But when Red’s family prepares to move into Uncle Alistair’s old mansion, even Red Sonja feels a good amount of anxiety and trepidation. Having seen, shortly after Uncle Alistair’s disappearance, an eerily captivating “Viking ghost” in the mansion’s window and a frighteningly strange crow nearby, both Red and her internal warrioress start to feel that they are being watched.

Erik, Uncle Alistair’s graduate student, is a mysterious and beautifully troubling character who finds himself in a ghost-like state that resulted from his research on one of the ancient stone artifacts. Unable to be seen or heard, Erik presents more as an essence or spirit than a human being. It is from this state that he desperately watches Red, whose help he needs in order to find a way to transform back to his normal state. In the process of attempting to connect with Red, Erik becomes quickly smitten with the essential beauty and heroic goodness that is exuded by Red’s inner warrioress. The story captivatingly focuses on Erik’s attempts to use the limited tools he has available (including his crow friend, Moon) to connect with Red and to save himself.

“Snap To Grid” offers an engaging, thrilling story of the striking similarities between members of seemingly different worlds. The author presents a gentle, imaginary world of angels and spirits that allows the reader to become aware and appreciative of the inspired beauty of the supernatural world. The tensions between good and evil are present in the novel, yet we see that the differences between the two may not always be as black and white as we had thought. A thoughtful, intriguing novel that will stay with you long after the final page and create great anticipation for the next installment in the series. Highly recommended!