The Soul That Has Found Truth
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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Theodore Eckhart graduated with honors from the Salve Regina University, in Newport, Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in social work. Throughout his varied and busy career he has, amongst other things, worked with troubled, handicapped and at-risk students, and as an outpatient councillor at a mental health clinic.

A mystical incident at the age of twenty-two resulted in the author experiencing a thrust of cosmic energy, which united him with his true and higher self; he entered an extraordinary state of higher awareness. This heightened consciousness introduced him to another plane, one far beyond everyday human existence. With the realisation that he was eternal, came great peace and a thirst for knowledge of the Truth. This led him on a path that changed his life forever and, ultimately, brought about the writing of THE SOUL THAT HAS FOUND TRUTH – an extremely enlightening and absolutely fascinating book. In this book, the author provides readers with a comprehensive course that contains all the information they need to enable them to develop their spirituality and discover the Truth.

Theodore Eckhart has amassed his comprehensive knowledge of the subject over forty-five years of studying and applying the teachings of the great Tibetan masters of the high Himalayas, and through his companion in Spirit, Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, M.C, Ph.D & D.D. He is a direct descendent of the 14th-century mystic and scholastic Meister Eckhart, and has been a spiritual teacher for twenty-eight years.

Now, as a Disciple of the Truth, having attained this understanding, the author has written THE SOUL THAT HAS FOUND TRUTH as an all-inclusive book that will help readers discover how to surpass their natural limitations, as well as the unnatural inhibitions that traditional religions impose. He achieves this virtuous goal by encouraging readers to embrace the freedom of Truth and guiding them along the path to achieving a state of ‘Being,’ where they, too, can become enlightened and live with a supreme awareness of God’s consciousness.

THE SOUL THAT HAS FOUND TRUTH is unlike any other religious book I have read. While it does thoroughly studies in great detail the words of the scriptures, God and his disciples, and examines their meanings, this book goes so much further and deeper than any other. Contained within its pages is a ‘how to’ guide, an extensive, all-encompassing spirit, mind and body ‘user manual’ for the serious seeker of heightened spirituality. Written earnestly and passionately, the in-depth content of THE SOUL THAT HAS FOUND TRUTH gives readers unprecedented, vital insights, enabling readers to look within, unveil the Truth, and undergo a life changing transformation; reading this book, in my opinion, is certain to have an indelible, positive impact on anyone reading it.

In Summary: THE SOUL THAT HAS FOUND TRUTH is a comprehensive course encompassing the spirit, mind and body, written to guide readers on the path to advanced spirituality and knowledge of the Truth. It is essential reading for anyone seeking to develop higher understanding and deeper spirituality. Simply put, reading this book will change your life forever. – Susan Keefe,

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