The Soul: A Sacred Treasure
Reviewed By: Editorial Board
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“The Soul: A Sacred Treasure” by Mario Brooks is a book that explores the human soul in ten succinct yet rich chapters. The author opens with a proverb followed by a fundamental question, which together launch this unique book:

“An ancient proverb reveals, “For in much wisdom, is much grief.” This encapsulates the sublime truth that the more we understand a matter, the further away we are from truly knowing it. This truth is on display in our knowledge concerning the human soul.

What is this soul we possess?

Is it simply the liaison between the spiritual and physical realms?

Is it the wellspring of intuition, emotion, and thought? Or is it much more?”

His task well outlined from the outset, Mr. Brooks launches into an ambitious and surprisingly readable literary and spiritual journey into the most intriguing element of human philosophy and religion: the soul.

For a book that tackles such a heady subject, “The Soul: A Sacred Treasure” is artfully written with a light hand. The breakdown into chapters and short paragraphs is not only easy on the eyes, but allows for contemplation of each salient point—and the book is generous with such gifts.

Avoiding heavy-handed dogma, the book discusses how man has viewed and thought of his soul over the ages, the role of one’s soul in both waking, conscious life and in dreaming, the interchangeability of our physical and spiritual lives, as parallel to the physical and spiritual realms of our world, and the concepts of time, space and divine creation.

While this is not a book of ‘advice’ per se, it successfully intersperses observations, pearls of wisdom, and suggested guidance for one’s betterment, both emotional and spiritual.

We especially liked the section that deals with “Dreams,” which typifies the author’s gift of insight and wisdom. Take this paragraph, for example, which starts with observations and concludes with astute guidance:

“A dream is a witness to the soul, reminding humanity of the realm beyond the physical eyes where the soul’s images tell stories that speak to us in the dark of night.

Dreams give our spirit access to the soul, its intent, desires, fear, and hope. Dreams can tell of the soul’s condition, its health, or its illness. They are not to be shunned nor dismissed easily, for a dream is the physician’s report of the soul.

Take time to read its content, contemplate its findings, and at times, act upon its suggestions.”

In summary, “The Soul: A Sacred Treasure” by Mario Brooks is a book rich with wisdom, insight and reflection; while captivating and intriguing, it is also easy to read and will surely inspire readers’ contemplation of one’s most treasured essence: the human soul. Highly recommended!