Take Charge: The Skills That Drive Professional Success
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
Susan Keefe reviews and promotes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and is also author of the Toby's Tails series of children's books.

An essential guide to a career in the law industry.

Nothing beats experience, and Norm Bacal, the author of this informative book certainly has plenty. During his career he was one of the leading entertainment lawyers in America. He is an entrepreneur, leader, and was the builder of a Canadian law firm success story, Heenan Blaikie, a firm which he led as managing partner for sixteen years.

Now retired, you, his readers can benefit from not only the wisdom he has gained through hundreds of legal and business transactions, but also the experience of over twenty other professionals who have contributed to the book, plus sample case studies, and links to podcasts.

From your application to a professional or business school, the myriad of choices available in size of business, and career paths, everything is covered. Questions like, should you work in-house for a corporation or business, or go into private practice? What are your long and short term goals? The author rises many questions, young and more mature lawyers may be, or should be asking themselves.

However, one thing is certain, whatever course you decide to take, there are two key elements which define the practice of law, and they are, service and sales. These are explained in detail, as are other important subjects, such as how to market yourself, make good impressions, learn writing and speaking skills, and master the four P’s, practice, process, patience, and perseverance.

 “There’s no room for doubt if you need to succeed.” This quote says it all. The author, candidly gives insights into his own career, and in doing so explains that errors will happen, “The true test of a professional is not whether you never make a mistake—you most certainly will—but rather how you deal with the mistake once you discover it.” He emphasises the necessity to, and explains how you should provide the best service possible to your client, stressing the need to go that extra mile, and show you care about your client and their business.

In this insightful and thought-provoking book Norm Bacal empowers his readers. Although this is written from a law student and lawyer’s perspective, the wealth of information it contains is pertinent to anyone who really wants to succeed, and has the inner fire to achieve his, or her goals. Highly recommended!

Author’s Website: https://normanbacal.com/

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