"The Terminal" by Jeremy Gosnell
Reviewed By: The Editorial Board
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“The Terminal” by Jeremy Gosnell (SBPRA,2015) Is a science fiction novel with an exciting combination of old and new, both in terms of ancient history and futuristic originality, and the good old charm of classic science fiction masterpieces.

The main characters make for a memorable cast. An adventurous and somewhat mysterious scuba diver disappears of the Bahamas, a female oceanic researcher and Italian billionaire get involved, and USGS government agency types mix in. The story blends elements of natural phenomena, the ancient and elusive Atlantis, strange creatures and time travel. The weaving of ancient civilization and technology not known today makes for a truly remarkable and creative science fiction thriller.

Mr. Gosnell has clearly done extensive research of both history, geology, genetics, and the ramifications all time travel on individuals, society, and the world as we know it. The Terminal serves an exciting story that manages to pull together strong elements from great historic novels, science fiction imagery and otherworldly technology, as well as maintaining the story on a reality grounded level with characters that are human, relatable, and exciting.

In particular, the mark of the strong science-fiction novel has always been its ability to be relatable to our current world. Take, for example, the words of Lucius in “The Terminal,” speaking to Allison: “Who do I have to blame for the horrible world my people inherited? Myself, my family? No. My ancestors, you see, their greed, their lack of foresight. They left us a world that was tortured and destroyed, a world inhabited by monsters.” And now, think about some countries in our current world, perhaps Iraq, Syria, or North Korea, and put these words in the mouth of a youth in one of these countries. Would a single world be out of place?

In Summary, “The Terminal” by Jeremy Gosnell is a unique novel that delivers on its promise of suspense, excitement and discovery—and, possibly, a sequel. It is highly original, relevant, and freshly memorable. Recommended!