Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
Susan Keefe reviews and promotes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and is also author of the Toby's Tails series of children's books.

A lovely children’s book with an important message.

Leroy lives with his Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa. Grandpa Leopard, is Chief and the Judge of their group who live in the African Savannah. His grandpa’s roles hold big responsibilities,  they are very important jobs which means he has to be very wise.

Leroy and Lapa are as usual playing together, when they see a misdeed occurring. Being good leopards they immediately report it to Grandpa Chief, who calls everyone and uses his fair judgement to deliver the correct punishment. Afterwards they hear him quote, as he usually does, the Zulu proverb “The leopard licks both its black and white spots.”

Some time later, the young leopard friends find themselves under the judgement of Leroy’s beloved Grandpa, and when it is their turn to accept the punishment Leroy thinks it is unfair. So Grandpa reminds them of his saying. When you read this story you will discover the very important meaning behind Grandpa Leopard’s wise words.

K. A. Mulenga brings to his children’s books not only important life lessons, but also allows his readers to learn about the proverbs of Zambia. These sayings are very true and have the same importance throughout the world. A lovely story which will be enjoyed by all young children.

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