The Liberal Record: Everything you need to know
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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Your party, your vote, be informed!

“This book explores the history and differences between political parties,” the author Marcelo Brazzi summarises in his prologue. Then this “card-carrying independent,” a well-travelled man, who holds a master’s degree in systems engineering, and who has accomplished so much in his careers as a spacecraft engineer on NASA’s Apollo program, and a computer science instructor at California State University, goes on to share with his readers a wealth of well researched information, which, when studied, enables them to come to a cognizant conclusion.

To understand the two major parties better, Marcelo Brazzi takes his reader back through history, reflecting on their past performances. These studies allow us to understand fully how the parties have evolved throughout the years, and examines their instigation, and implementation of various important political decisions which have been made, on subjects such as the vote for women, slavery, gun laws and workers’ rights.

It was also very interesting to see how the various forms of media, with politics, like other things, have used their ability and power to influence the public. The media have the ability to manipulate the facts either way, and in return affect the bias, resulting in a remarkable influence on peoples decisions on which way to vote in an election, and an impact on the economy.

Other important issues which are considered are the environmental impacts caused by our actions, and the increase in population growth, both of which are hot topics at the moment. These two subjects which are intertwined, are having an incredible influence on the future of our planet, and the political decisions we make today will affect the health not only of our planet, but everyone on it. It is vitally important to take ownership of the problems we have caused, and the duty of those in power to ensure that changes are made not only for our generation, but for those to come, and indeed for this planets long-term survival.

In summary, this book offers the reader a comprehensive insight into the two major parties. The author explains clearly, throughout the book, and also in the Appendix, in various ways such as graphs, charts, tables, quotes, and references, how these parties have evolved and work. Highly recommended for readers who have a sincere interest in politics.

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