The Society of Necessities
Reviewed By: Susan Keefe
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A well-known, and much published author, Christopher Bowron earned a B.A. in history and graduated from Brock University. He runs a real estate brokerage and lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada. In this fast-paced, gripping, adventure, he has embraced his love of the paranormal and history to take his readers on an unforgettable ride through centuries, and across continents.

The protagonist of this story, Daniel St Croix is a rebel, and petty thief, who left home at a young age. So, he is surprised to be contacted by his grandfather, Pierre Le Croix’s solicitor, out of the blue. The solicitor gives him a strange wedding band, which is called the metal, and then reveals he is the sole heir to an estate and fortune in Quebec.

Accompanied by his beautiful and exotic girlfriend Devi, he visits his mother Vivianne, who reveals an astonishing secret about his grandfather. All three then continue on to the estate in Quebec City. There, dear readers, the mystery really deepens.

It is at the estate, through Pierre’s long time servants, Robert and Yvette, that Daniel discovers Pierre, has led an incredible existence which has lasted centuries, dating back to the French court of Louie XVI. From when the ring came into his possession, it changed Pierre’s life with its incredible powers of rejuvenation, and ability to grant longevity.

He also learns that Pierre and his servants have been hunted through time by the mysterious Society of Necessities, whose members desperately seek to obtain the ring and its powers, at any cost, and now as its owner, he is their new target.

Pierre’s quest to discover the origin of the ring had taken him across the world, and revealed something else, another artefact he longed to possess. He hoped Daniel will continue the search. However, in taking up the gauntlet, Daniel is unaware there are other secrets, not yet revealed to him. With The Society of Necessities on his trail, and danger at every turn, will he be able to find the relic?

As the author weaves his clever story, the sights and sounds of other worlds and times are laid before his readers. The theme of immortality enables Christopher Bowron to expand our horizons, and open our eyes to the mysteries of centuries, the stuff of legends…

I absolutely loved this book! Enthralling, jam-packed with danger and intrigue, I would highly recommend it to lovers of fast-paced adventure with that little bit more, such as you would find in the writings of Steve Berry and Raymond Khoury.

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